From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL


The upcoming 3:16 campaign is starting to get traction! The books are selling well – if you haven’t gotten one, they’re available on Sunday mornings in the narthex, or during the week in the church office. Cost is $15.00. Signups for our two small groups (Sunday morning at 9, Thursday evening at 7) are coming in quickly – if you’d like to have a group to discuss the 3:16 book, contact the church office or fill out the form in our worship bulletin on Sunday morning.Most importantly, invite a friend, relative or neighbor to one of our services! Palm Sunday and Easter are natural times for people to go to church even if they don’t attend all year. So there’s someone out there waiting to be asked – by you!

One thing about this campaign that’s new for us at St. Paul’s is the mass mailing. We’re sending 5,000 postcards to families within a 10 miles radius of the church. Our Evangelism & Outreach Committee had quite a bit of discussion about this – is it reaching out or junk mailing? The proof will be in the pudding! We’ll followup afterwards to try and determine how effective the mailing was in attractive folks to our church.


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