From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Easter Sunday

Wow! The place was packed at both services, the music was terrific (nothing like brass for Easter!) and if I do say so myself, the preaching was aromatic with the Word of God! We had a good number of visitors, but don’t know how many are C&E’rs. While I’ve been kinda hard on those folks in the past, something occurs to me that has softened me somewhat. Lots of folks attend worship in a tentative mode; they’re “trying out” church and faith. While we may talk about the love of God, I wonder how many of those tentative folk get lost in the crowd and don’t get any personal attention – either at the time of their visit, or thereafter?

This year I’m making extra efforts to be in touch with ALL our visitors, if nothing else than to communicate “I noticed you and I’m glad you were here”.

For those who attended any of the three Easter services (or Maundy Thursday or Good Friday for that matter) – your thoughts and responses are more than welcome. So comment on!


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