From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Deal’s Gap NC

This Thursday I’m off for my annual trek to Deal’s Gap NC for the “Miatas At The Gap” – about 200 Miata drivers gather each year, to just drive around the mountains, eat bbq, drive some more, sleep, drive, etc. It’s the 12th Annual such event (for Miatas that is; the place is populated all the time with bikers and drivers who want a challenge!) and I think so far I’ve attended 8 or 9.

Why so popular? 318 curves in 11 miles, that’s why. OK, some of the “curves” aren’t that big, but still I’d say there’s not 50 yards of straight road anywhere along those 11 miles. Nothing better than strapping on your Miata, and seeing how those curves feel…I can hardly wait!

I’ve put up just a few pix from previous Gap visit here on my blog – see “Deal’s Gap Pix”. FYI my previous Miata was the blue/green baby in these pics. For more info and pix re the Gap, check out: for Miata pix and forums non-Miata info

Drive The Car!!


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