From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL


Some time ago I commented here that in light of the big bucks we’re spending on gambling and sports (see “A Rant About Money” 9/9/08) we deserve every financial spanking coming. And we’ve been getting it alright.  While our government has been going all out to “do something” about the problem, I don’t think we’ve even touched the problem, which is GREED.

Greedy developers, greedy homebuyers, greedy mortgage companies, greedy investment firms, all getting what they can when they can as much as they can. Greed. It’s a sin. And the wages of it is death. We’ve been getting a taste of that death the last couple of weeks.

But all we seem to think of is how to get the right “fix”, how to get the market back up. Both presidential candidates offer plans to keep us in the houses we can’t afford and shouldn’t have bought, to bail out companies that deserve to go out of existence.

Until we turn around and realize that the purpose in life is to give not to get, we’re going to keep trying to get all we can, then reap what we’ve sown. Greed.


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