From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Pastor Earl On The Radio

One of our church members nominated me to JOY FM radio to take part in their Project Joy – local pastors offering 1-minute prayers, to be broadcast during November. So I went to St. Louis today to get my prayer recorded. 60 seconds – do you know how little time that is to pray? Being a structure kind of guy, I wrote my prayer out before hand and practiced it to see how it timed out – 20 seconds! So I added more prayer and timed it again – 100 seconds! What the heck – then I realized that my first prayer wasn’t 20 seconds long, it was a minute and 20 seconds. Sooo, back to the drawing (or praying) board, and I got it close to 1 minute.

The folks at JOY FM were very cordial and friendly and straightforward. We got a good recording on the second take, which was actually 1 minute 12 seconds, but the engineer assured me he’d tweak it – speed it up so I’d sound like Mickey Mouse??

So I’ll be “on the air” – 97.7 fm & 94.1fm – on Monday, November 24. My prayer will be aired every three hours at the 30 minute break.  I guess if you wanna hear it, you’ll need to listen for three hours – for a minute of prayer. Where are our priorities?? 🙂


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