From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

A Nice, Low View of Sin

From David Head’s He Sent Leanness, this satirized re-writing of the Prayer of General Confession from the Old Book of Common Prayer:

“Benevolent and easy-going Father: we have occasionally been guilty of errors of judgment. We have lived under the deprivations of heredity and the disadvantages of environment. We have sometimes failed to act in accordance with common sense. We have done the best we could in the circumstances, and have been careful not to ignore the common standards of decency; and we are glad to think that we are fairly normal. Do thou, O Lord, deal lightly with our infrequent lapses. Be thy own sweet Self with those who admit they are not perfect; according to the unlimited tolerances which we have a right to expect from thee. And grant us as an indulgent Parent that we may hereafter continue to live a harmless and happy life and keep our self-respect.”

I know we don’t say it, but I’m pretty dern sure we think it…


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