From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Manny Update

Some time ago I crunched some numbers on Manny Ramirez and mentioned them in a sermon – his new $45 million 2-year contract with the Dodgers comes down to $15,432 per inning, if he plays every inning of every game for two years. (If you figure each inning averages 15 minutes, that’s $1,028 per minute whether he’s on the field, on the bench or in the john).

But wait! Manny’s been suspended for 50 games for drug violations! I don’t know that that means anything in terms of reduced pay; I don’t know what his $45 million contract says about that. But all other things being equal, Manny can only play 274 games now instead of 324 over the next two years. That jacks up the per-inning number to $18,248.

Money, fame, lac k of integrity.  I keep thinking of those baseball players of the 50’s and 60’s – Roger Maris, Bob Gibson, Stan the Man – who played the game straight, who didn’t whine about groin pull this and back spasm that and gee-I-tripped-over-the-bag-and-now-I-can’t-pitch-right, who played for peanuts and were embarrassed not to play a complete game. Which played better baseball? Which actually loved the game?

I’ll say it again – as a society, we deserve every economic spanking we’re getting/going to get.

For future research – determine how many loaves of bread (at 2009 average cost) Manny’s 1 year $22.5 million would buy; compare that to Stan Musial’s highest salary ($100,000 more or less) and the number of loaves of bread that would have bought in 1959.


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