From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Grandpa Any Day Now

My son and daughter-in-law in Dallas are scheduled to have their first baby, and my first grandbaby, this coming Tuesday. Seems strange to have such events scheduled – back in my day they happened when they happened. But either for the doc’s convenience, or for the couple’s stress reduction, this baby’s birth should, God willing, happen on Tuesday.

The odd thing for me has been that I said early on that I didn’t want to know what sex the baby was. Everyone else in my family now know, but not me. In fact, everyone on staff at St. Paul’s (ok, nearly everyone) knows, but not me. I’m in the dark. And I like it that way! I have a surprise to look forward to next Tuesday that no one else in my family has! So it’s exciting stuff…

Check back next Tuesday and I’ll put up here the name, sex, etc. I’m kinda pulling for “Earlene”, but somehow I get the message that that ain’t gonna happen…


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