From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

In God We Trust

That’s what it says on our money, but there’s nothing like financial hardship to demonstrate whether or not we really do trust in God.

This morning I read Jon Bloom’s entry on the Desiring God blog below, and it struck me when he points out that in times like these our trust in God – or in whatever it is we do trust – becomes apparent.  Our actions, not our words, will demonstrate who we love, trust and obey.

If anyone’s interested in discussing this booklet, let me know and I’ll order several copies to discuss on a Thursday night.

(Author: Jon Bloom)

This morning I read a booklet by Michael Haykin of Southern Seminary titled, In God We Trust: What Is God Saying In The Midst Of This Financial Crisis. He provides a brief survey of historical financial crises, beginning with Paul’s collection for the Jerusalem saints up through the Great Depression and highlights the spiritual fruit that came from them. A

I love how he exhorts us Christians to be radically generous in the face of financial uncertainty since it is precisely during these times when our trust in God can be most clearly seen. Here’s a quote:

In such times as these, it would be so easy and so natural to keep to ourselves what financial resources we have left. While provision needs to be made for our own families, times like these call for open hands and generosity on the part of those who call Christ, Lord. The words of… the Apostle Paul, are as germane as ever: "as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone."

The booklet can be read in 15-30 minutes and would be a helpful resource for families, congregations, Sunday schools, and small groups.

In God We Trust
Mon, 06 Jul 2009 06:50:19 GMT


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