From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

State of Illinois Owes Hoyleton $900,000

What does it mean when our representative government is a deadbeat?

One of the agencies St. Paul supports is Hoyleton Homes (, which has for over 114 years served orphans, youth, and folks who slip thru governmental bureaucratic cracks. They are faith based and faith woven. They serve the vulnerable and those that other agencies will not or cannot help. And the state of Illinois owes them over $900,000 for services rendered over the past several months.

I don’t know where that #!*&$@#! $900,000 went – maybe Governor Rod could do a talking tour and raise that; or wait, what about a reality show?  Actually my suggestion would be to STOP all salaries and benefits for ALL state officers until the budget gets balanced; sure a lot of them would quit, but would that be so much worse than where these brilliant minds have put us now? But I know those kids at Hoyleton are living a reality show no one wants to be in. I know that Chris Cox and the Hoyleton staff are giving themselves (and I mean heart and soul).

I know there are lots of agencies hurting because of our deadbeat state. But Hoyleton is close to our hearts at St. Paul’s. So what are you going to do? Yes, you can make financial contributions. And you can send a letter to these freaking so-called representatives of our state. A polite letter can be found at Hoyleton’s site ( along with contact info for state reps and officials.

Or you might send a more honest one from the heart (or as the biblical Greek would have it I think more fittingly, from the bowels).


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