From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

For Your Listening Edification

I’m off for vacation in Maryland for a while, visiting with my wife’s family. This means hours in the car, hours by the lake, hours in bed after-hours. While I like reading I’ve also come to enjoy listening to mp3 files on my trusty mp3 player (1 Gigabyte, $10 (!) from Office Max). It’s one thing to read John Piper, it’s something else to listen to him preach. And I’ve found that there are so many resources out there, from so many speakers: sermons, articles, conference talks, interviews, radio programs, Q&A sessions, etc. etc.

So I’m recommending three websites that offer free mp3 downloads: – offers resources from speakers and preachers all over the world; can be searched by topic, speaker, scripture, etc.

Faithbyhearing – similar to monergism but includes blogs for discussion; you can subscribe to posts made here.

Desiringgod – John Piper’s site, offering everthing Piper; you can subscribe to posts made here.

In all three cases above, not every link works every time, technology being what it is. But all three offer wonderful resources for first-quality preaching and speaking. It’s gratifying for me to see that occasionally our high-tech toys can be fruitful and edifying!

See ya’ll when I get back…


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