From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

The Mojave Cross

The link below will take you to Snopes, and an unusual story about the Mojave Cross, erected in the Mojave Desert in the 1930’s and which is now on Federal land. The ACLU wants it taken down (separation of church & state, etc.) while some individuals, congressmen and, oddly enough, the Interior Department are trying to keep it.

To tell the truth I find it hard to take all this seriously. While putting a big public cross up may be an expression of a person’s faith, or desire to memorialize someone, it’s often an expression of a “civil” Christianity not classic Christian faith. At the same time, is it really that important that it be taken down? As a Christian, would I be upset if my tax dollars were used to maintain a “sword & crescent” emblem of Islam? Not really.

The solution, so far, is to have the Mojave cross encased in a plywood box until the case is decided. How ridiculous is this? What a situation we get into when we try to live by the law (as in law and gospel). mc01 Mojave Cross

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