From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Getting Very Close

Renovations are getting very close to being complete. Today, Saturday 9/26, I took these pix showing that the carpeting is almost finished, the pews are in, but there’s a lot of cleaning up and putting in place yet to do. The piano is coming on Monday 9/28, and I’m sure that, God willing, the place will be complete by October 4!

Just a couple of notes on the pix below – a couple of additions were made along the way, including a fan in the balcony for our balcony birds (see pic) and spotlights for the altar (also see pic).  Lights at the steps are also new (see pics). You’ll also see that the chancel carpeting has a color border at the edge, like the warning track in the outfield. The new computer/soundboard in the balcony sits on a raised step – it’s quite a view of the whole sanctuary.

There are a good many folks who have spent uncounted hours on this project – Nolan Shook, Dean Huston, Mary Weber, and many more whose names are escaping me right now. My heartfelt thanks to all of you!


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