From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Drew Turns Over!

Ah yes, the older one gets, the less one takes for granted things that used to come naturally. Like getting up without grunting. Anyway, here’s a video taken by my daughter Melinda when she and Joh were in Dallas – it’s little guy turning over. Ooooooohhh! One day I expect I’ll need help with that too!

Now he’s getting some help from his ma, aunt and granny – but isn’t it just fascinating that the human brain is hardwired to do things it can’t do you – to turn over so as to crawl, to crawl so as to walk, to walk so as to run, to run so as to run into the Wall, to run into the Wall so as to remember how baby-like and helpless we really are regardless of how fast we run…

Anyway, I’m too cheap to pay the upgrade to post videos directly to my blog, so here’s a link to my Facebook page with the video of (drumroll please) Drew Turns Over!


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