From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

St. Paul’s Helps Feed The Hungry

Once a month several of our folks shop for, prepare, deliver and serve meals for 100 or so hungry folks at the New Life Evangelistic Center in St. Louis. It’s actually very organized: we have shopping teams, cooking teams, etc. Last Saturday we did it again and I wanted to publicize it a bit here. So below are two pix (sorry for low quality and out-of-focus nature of the second pix) – the first is Mary W., Joh C., and Dustin E (who didn’t really want his pic here as people would think he’s Amish – gotta think of an appropriate nickname for him now) doing the cooking. The second pic is the same bunch plus Betty R and Sharon K, who together were the delivery and serving teams. They were actually much more focussed than this pic is!

Just another ministry that came up from the grassroots; another reason I love this church!


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