From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Pics from Haiti

I think I mentioned earlier here that I have a friend who lives in Haiti, (Neal Van Dine) working at a school and nearby hospital in the small mountain town of Pignon. They’re not in Port Au Prince, but close enough that they’ve been swamped with people in need, running in to the city of Cap Haitien to get supplies and taking those supplies to Port Au Prince, etc.

Naturally Neal’s been too busy to email or write much, but his dad Ken has been sending pictures of the hospital in Pignon, and of supplies being sent over via Missionary Flights International in West Palm Beach, FL. Thought you might be interested in seeing these. Yes, that’s a DC-3 you see. I don’t know where MFI finds them, but they’re real workhorses. Actually, one of them is quite a bit newer: it has turbine props!

In any case, here are the pics. If you want to see or know more, you can check out their blog here.


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