From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Apologize For What?

Tiger Woods’ apology – I feel for the guy. Bad enough to go thru whatever he went through personally. But then to get up in front of a slavering media and apologize to the world…I can’t imagine. So in a way I admired his courage. But then, as others have written, I wondered why he’s apologizing to me. I didn’t have to apologize to him when I….never mind.

Anyway, here’s a nice tight blog post by Carl Trueman that gets it just right.

I had actually found his silence strangely admirable, sending a signal to a voyeuristic public, which increasingly regards privacy as a crime, that he didn’t care to play by the rules of the nosey and intrusively self-important Facebook generation, and that his family life was nobody’s business but his and his wife’s.

What is it with the fad of public apologies? If we’re not clear who we owe apologies to, we’re not clear who we’ve sinned against.


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