From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Haiti And The Dominican Republic

You probably know that Haiti and the D.R. share the same island. But the background of each nation is quite different. Haiti began as a French colony, populated largely by African slaves. The Dominican was a Spanish colony, populated by slaves and Spaniards. The two nations developed quite separately despite their physical proximity. The differences are apparent in their economies. To show you what I mean, here are a couple of pix from Neil Van Dine and his explanation:

Contrast this with the greenery of the area around Santiago. One of the reasons the Dominicans have more trees is because many years ago they helped wean people off cooking with charcoal by subsidizing the cost of propane. They made propane cheaper than charcoal and so people used if and not the charcoal. Haiti has not done the same despite seeing the need to reduce charcoal usage.

One more pic, from ground level, shows that both nations have at least some things in common!

However downtown Santiago has some free ranging animals like Haiti.


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