From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Have You Backed Up Your Files Today?

I think I’ve mentioned here that I use MozyHome for backing up my computer files. I’ve just been notified of an upgrade to MozyHome that makes an improvement I’ve been wanting. So here I am, again, touting MozyHome and encouraging you to BACK UP YOUR FILES!!

I’d been backing up on an external hard drive for years. It died recently, so I checked out online services. You’ve probably heard about Carbonite. But MozyHome fit my needs exactly. Here’s why:

  • it’s easy to use – actually I have mine set up to automatically back up every day
  • it’s easy to install – the installation really is a matter of clicking a few buttons and watching it install itself
  • it’s fast – the first back up may take hours – I mean like 12 hours! – but after that, it’s very quick
  • it’s flexible – I have mine set up to back whenever the computer is idle for 20 minutes; you can, of course, schedule backups overnight or whenever
  • it’s free – yep, but limited to 2 gigs; more than that and it will cost you, but even then it’s not that expensive

The upgrade that just came out caught my attention because I’d just been thinking it would be good to back up on a local external hard drive as well as online – belt & suspenders kind of idea. Sure enough, that’s what the Mozy upgrade does. You can set it up to both back up on line and to your external hard drive.

If you haven’t been backing up your IE favorites, your Outlook contacts, your spreadsheets, movies, pix – you are literally asking for pain and sorrow.

For more info on the free version of MozyHome, go here. For objective reviews on online backup services go here.


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