From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

The Pastoral Reason I’m A Calvinist

I’ve very much enjoyed the intellectual challenge of Calvinism (or Reformation faith, if you prefer). It’s giving me a framework by which I can take the bits and pieces of the Bible I know, and fit them into a larger framework. I like that very much.

But really, the gut reason I’m attracted to Calvinism is pastoral. I’ve heard John Piper talk about how he dealt with a dad who had accidentally run over his own child while backing the car out of the garage. I’ve seen plenty of senseless tragedy. Reformation faith (or Calvinism if you prefer), gives me something solid to stand on while I reach out to people who are being crushed by life.

Wanna know what I mean? Go listen to these two brief messages by Jim McClarty. (click here) He tells about a friend of his who preached at the funeral of his own baby granddaughter. It’s a weeper. But if you’re tough enough to be tender, you’ll listen and know the pastoral reason I’m a Calvinist.


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