From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

What We’ll Miss The Most

My kids are all grown up now, and to tell the truth Joh and I are enjoying what’s called the “empty nest”. It’s a delightful thing to see your kids being adults, being responsible for themselves and others, standing on their own. I really to love that. It really makes a parent feel like they’ve done their job well. At the same time, being in this 60’s season of life, there’s time to reflect and remember. So when I saw this post at Chris Brauns’ blog it really struck me. Rev. Brauns and I are in different life places, but the sentiments and thoughts he expresses are those I’d want to express to my church, St. Paul’s. What I’ll miss, when the time comes, isn’t the big projects that we’ve done together (sanctuary renovation, church bus, CE building renovation, 3:16, etc.), but rather the ordinary beauty of family life as a church.

My church family, my biological family, I love you both!


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