From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Come Ye Sinners

Here’s a video of “Come Ye Sinners” by Matthew Smith. I’m posting it here because it exemplifies what I’m finding attractive in some forms of contemporary music. The language is quite classical – at first I thought this was written in the 19th century, ala Red Mountain’s use of the Gadsby hymnal. I find this style so striking – modern acoustic music plus almost antique but classic Christian language. But I think it’s more than just the style that’s striking me.

If you watch this video, don’t miss the commentary by the singers that comes at about 2 minutes in. To paraphrase one of them, “it’s not about the intensity of my feelings, it’s not about my sincerity. It’s about Jesus.” I think that’s what’s coming through to me. Great stuff!

BTW for you musicians, you can hear more, or download a lead sheet and chord chart for “Come Ye Sinners”, and a bunch more hymns, right here.


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