From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Music For The Suffering

I have not often thought about music as a way to address suffering. I get pretty caught up in my head with intellectual arguments, logic, etc. None of that is a bad thing, but I’m beginning to wonder if music isn’t a better way of addressing and helping the people who are experiencing suffering. That said, I think it’s still important to consider the intellectual content of the music – the words, lyrics, meaning – otherwise you’re just feeding candy to the starving. Or possibly making the suffering worse later.

All that said, here’s music that is addressed to the suffering; I commend the content, captured by this quote:

Pain and trouble are a very real part of life, and no one is exempt from it. And yet we invest our time, our energy and our money trying to create a pain-free existence. But the truth is there is a day of adversity set on all of our calendars. And rather than attempt to escape or run away, these songs recognize the reality of suffering, and seek to offer real hope and real joy.

If you buy this music, let me know what you think of it. 


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