From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

For My Buddy Dave

Dave and Michelle Etling, Johanna and Earl Crecelius

It came as a severe shock to learn last night that my buddy David Etling had died suddenly, at home, apparently having had a heart attack. David was not only a member of my flock – he was a friend. But not only a friend, he was my bud, someone who was easy for me to be with. A week ago last Tuesday we were at the Cardinal game, thanks to Frank H’s season tickets. Last Saturday we walked together in the Hoyleton Bike and Hike in Maystown. The pic here shows us pretty much as Dave typically was – relaxed, smiling, doing something concrete for someone else.

I loved Dave, and love him still. He was a gift of God. So I’ll ask for your prayers especially for his family, that this time of pain, disorientation and sorrow would be, by His grace, a time of re-orientation to His mercy and peace and joy.


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