From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

20 Basics Every Christian Should Know

We’re getting into the basics of the faith this year at St. Paul’s – one of the books we’ll be discussing is Wayne Grudem’s short (156 pages) volume entitled Christian Beliefs – 20 Basics Every Christian Should Know.

Our adult Sunday School class is already using this book; I’m going to start with it on our Thursday night Recon Class beginning June 23. It’s available thru Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, etc. You can get it cheap from halfdotcom here.

As I understand it, this volume began as an entire systematic theology in several volumes which Grudem distilled down to a single volume seminary textbook. Then he distilled it further to make it a lay-person friendly, brief but comprehensive book. Where there is more than one school of thought on a subject, Grudem is fairly balanced in presenting the major points of view from a Christian perspective. FYI, the topics of discussion are:

  1. What Is The Bible?
  2. What Is God Like?
  3. What Is The Trinity?
  4. What Is Creation?
  5. What Is Prayer?
  6. What Are Angels, Satan, and Demons?
  7. What Is Man?
  8. What Is Sin?
  9. Who Is Christ?
  10. What Is The Atonement?
  11. What Is The Resurrection?
  12. What Is Election?
  13. What Does It Mean To Become A Christian?
  14. What Are Justification And Adoption?
  15. What Are Sanctification And Perseverance?
  16. What Is Death?
  17. What Is The Church?
  18. What Will Happen When Christ Returns?
  19. What Is The Final Judgement?
  20. What Is Heaven?

If you haven’t been to Recon Class before we won’t hold that against you! I encourage you to come get your thinking stimulated – you may well find that the Faith isn’t what you always thought it was!


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