From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

The Christian Mind

OK I’m an intellectual. I enjoy the life of the mind. I live in my head. Even with such proclivities, I think the Christian faith has been drifting away from its intellectual roots for generations. That’s part of the reason for the rise of the New Calvinism – it’s a return to the intellectual, thinking side of the faith, away from the subjective, feeling (charismatic), social action (liberal) sides. That’s where the “juice” has been for me the past 10 years. Not everyone agrees (or should I say, doesn’t “feel” the same?) but that’s how I see it. Hence the emphasis on intellectual content of my preaching, the joyful discovery of doctrine, etc.

Here’s a brief vid from Ligonier that sums it up well. It’s actually a trailer for their 2012 National Conference. Ligonier’s slogan has long been “For The Renewing Of Your Mind” and I commend them to you.


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