From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Yup It Still Happens

Do people stop working on Sunday anymore? Well, apparently so. Even in sports (gasp?!). Although he’s not making millions of dollars playing rugby, Euan Murray plays for Scotland’s national rugby team. Except on Sunday, apparently. Even in the playoff series. (story is here).

Is this really realistic? What would happen of the Cardinals’ Albert Pujols decided not to play on Sundays during the upcoming playoffs? Well, actually, I think Tony LaRussa would do what he always does: juggle the lineup. But what kind of example would this be? Not just the example of sabbatarianism but of actually valuing something more than money or fame? Ridiculous. That happens in the Bible and romantic stories, not in real life. Right?

Apparently not. Apparently it still happens – you know, valuing Christ more than bucks.

And where will you be this Sunday?


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