From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

I Don’t Care If Romney’s A Mormon

At least not insofar as he’s running for President. I agree with the quote that’s going around attributed to Martin Luther (I can’t verify that he actually said or wrote this, but it sounds like him) – that he’d rather be ruled by a competent Turk than an incompetent Christian. That is, I’d rather be ruled by a Muslim/Mormon/chicken-cutter who knows what the hell he’s doing in politics, than by a politically clueless Christian. Would you rather have a “Christian but clueless” plumber fix your leaky faucet, or one who actually knows how to repair plumbing? How ’bout getting your car repaired? Or your cancerous tumor removed? Simply being a Christian does not, ipso facto, make one a competent surgeon, mechanic, plumber or President.

My random thoughts along the same line:

  • No I don’t think Mormons are Christians – WAY too much doctrinal differences on key issues. For more on the differences between Christianity and Mormonism, try this at Beliefnet;
  • We’re not electing the Messiah-in-chief. We tried that last time. The president of the United States is not our spiritual leader, mentor, role model, therapist, guru, daddy or cheerleader. He’s the CEO of the nation. We should elect someone who knows how to execute.
  • God us just as sovereign over Muslims, Mormons and chicken-cutters as He is over Christians. He will exercise His will over and through them regardless of their religious persuasion (see Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, Pilate, etc.) We need not think, or vote, as though the President must be a Christian in order for the Father’s will to be done.
  • Republicans just can’t seem to get along with success. The so-called “debate” they’re having isn’t a debate – an extended argument concerning principles or actions – it’s a beauty pageant. They will vie to see who can deliver the most memorable sound bite; who will look most aggressive. And telegenic. And as part of that beauty pageant, they will be taking shots at each other. Cain says he’s “going after” Romney. Somebody else will “go after” Perry. How ’bout somebody going after an idea, a principle, until the populace begins to see that you’re more serious about the truth than about being elected?
  • I can’t resist – the most important election’s already happened. There was only one vote. And it wasn’t yours. So get over your need for political purity already.

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