From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Sunday November 13 – Romans 7:4-12

This Sunday we’re back in Romans (for just 2 weeks!), finishing up chapter 7. For these two weeks we’ll be looking at what Paul says about the Law and its relationship to sin.

Paul has been talking about the Law in a way that almost equates it with sin (if that’s shocking to you, imagine how it sounded to his Pharisee brethren!). At verse 2 he’s written that we’re set from from the domination of sin, like a wife who is set free from her husband by his death. Now at verse 6 Paul writes that we are set free from the law as well (same Greek verb for set free in both verses).

What does it mean to be set free from the Law? Is the Law bad? Paul will be dealing with those questions here in chapter 7. Verses 7-12 (this coming Sunday) are a defense of the Law, against antinomianism. Verses 8-25 (next Sunday) are Paul’s exposition of the weakness of the Law.


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