From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

STP Weekly Update?

I’ve been thinking about a project that might keep members at St. Paul’s more in touch with what’s going on. It’s a bit of a challenge for a church our size (600 plus or minus members, 220 in worship), moreso because we have two worship services. There’s a strong sense of identity among the “8:00’ers” and the “10:15’ers”, but several have told me that if they attended the “other” service, they wouldn’t know the people there.

I’ve also found that while we have a LOT of people involved in various ministries, few of us see the “big picture” at St. Paul’s. We tend to pay most of our attention to our own niche.

So for these and other reasons, I’m thinking about a weekly email that would be sent only to those who request it. This weekly update would include such info as

  • last Sunday’s attendance and financial receipts
  • news, events, invitations, thanks
  • recent hospitalizations (with permission of course), death notices, etc.

I’m open to other ideas too. Are there things you’d like to be updated on weekly? If you have other thoughts I’d be glad to hear them.


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