From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Hoyleton Thanksgiving Dinner

Michelle E (left) from St. Paul's; Ashlynn (right) from Hoyleton

Michelle E (l) from St. Paul's, Ashlynn (r) from Hoyleton

The Hoyleton Home had their thanksgiving dinner last Wednesday, and invited St. Paul’s to attend. So seven of us did, and it was a delightful time.The event started at 4:30 pm, we arrived around 5:15 but there was still turkey, stuffing, and all kinds of desserts left for us. Chris Cox of Hoyleton greeted us so warmly I felt like a long lost friend! He explained that while they had planned for 200 or so people, about 350 were there. Many of them were family of residents, or family of staff – so they were happy to have so many with such a family feel. And that’s rather the way Hoyleton is. Many of us at St. Paul’s are beginning to recognize staff and other folks we see at Hoyleton regularly. I think we’re starting to feel like family there, too.

So our thanks to you, Chris, Dani, and the Hoyleton family, for your hospitality and making us feel like we’re part of the family! We’re looking forward to this coming year, and sharing with you in God’s good work.

If you, dear reader, have not been to Hoyleton, I encourage you to meet the residents and staff the next time we have a Hoyleton event. You just might feel like part of the family, too.

For more info, check out Hoyleton’s website here.


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