From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Sunday December 18 – Choral Cantata: Majesty of Heaven

This coming Sunday features our choir’s choral cantata, Majesty of Heaven. The choir has really gone the extra mile (in terms of extra people, extra time spent in rehearsals, etc.) to bring us this piece.

This is not simply a performance piece for people to come ooh and aah at. Andy has been careful to choose choral music with solid theological content. While the style of this cantata could be called contemporary (rhythm and beat) it still brings a gospel message – in a sung rather than spoken word. Here’s the blurb from the choral book:

The MAJESTY OF HEAVEN is a beautifully crafted retelling of the miraculous events of that first Christmas. Our Father in Heaven bridged the chasm between His Majesty and our humanity when He sent His only Son, the MAJESTY OF HEAVEN.

For a listing of the sections of the cantata, and a musician’s review, see this. To hear some samples from the cantata, check this (scroll down to samples on right). Seems to me like every sample I’ve heard of church choral music sounds like it’s sung by the same choir. Ours is much better!

See you Sunday…


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