From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

I’m A (Tablet) Nookie Now

About a year ago I received for Christmas a Nook reader from Barnes and Noble, and to tell the truth I use it far more than I thought I would. I especially like that I can download books from my local library any time of day or night, and I don’t have to remember to return them. When the lending period is up, the books just disappear from my reader. Plus, there are tons of free downloads (mostly of classics in the public domain) I can put on the Nook. So I can literally carry hundreds of books with me on vacation, to Calvin, or wherever.

Recently, however, there’s been quite a bit of competition for tablet sized computers, and both Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon have entered the fray with their newest offerings: Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and B&N’s Nook Tablet. After reading several reviews online comparing the two, I decided on the Nook Tablet, for several reasons:

  • you get live, real person tech support wherever there’s a B&N to walk into
  • while you’re at B&N, you can read ANY book they have, for free, for one hour – I can read a lot in an hour!
  • the reviewers I read said that the Nook had an edge for those interested primarily in reading, while the Fire held the edge for those who are more interested in streaming movies
  • the cost was the same, at least for me as a previous Nook owner – B&N will take my old Nook in trade for a $50 book credit, so for me both the machines are in the $200 price range.

What I’m finding, after owning the Tablet for less than 12 hours, is that it operates more like my cell phone than my former Nook. I surfed to St. Paul’s website, downloaded one of my own sermons, viewed a video of R.C. Sproul at the Ligonier website, checked out what the sportwriters at the Post thought of the Beltran signing. I find it actually easier to use for reading than my old Nook – size, brightness, ability to highlight and make notes are all very simple operations. So far, I’d say I definitely recommend it for those who like to read a lot of different books at one time, and like to surf occasionally for even more stuff to read.

While I have a Bible reading program on my phone, I’m looking forward to downloading a program on the Nook Tablet as that will be MUCH easier to read!

For a review and comparison between the Nook and the Fire, go here.

B&N’s info on the Tablet is here.


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