From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Market Driven Church

David Murray has a nice article about questions unbelievers are (and aren’t) asking. He then goes on to ask whether the church really needs to be answering questions that unbelievers ask. Interesting thought. In a way, we assume that the church/believers should be ready to respond to whatever the desires or questions that unbelievers have. We assume we’re here to meet their needs. They set the agenda. But I wonder. What if unbelievers don’t know what they need? What if they think they need the most recent product of rabid commercialization?

I’ve noticed many folks, including myself, feel like their main problem is that they’re too busy busy busy. I look at my own life and think “yep, you’re too busy…worshiping your idols.” The problem is not the amount of energy being expended. The problem is what it’s being expended on. The busyness and frazzledness and fragmentation we feel are NOT the problem – they’re the symptoms. If we keep “fixing” the symptom, we’ll never get to the real problem that’s causing the symptoms.

Point being that we often don’t realize what we really need. Especially if the light of the gospel has not shined on us.

Here’s Murray’s conclusion:

When the rich young ruler came with questions about the lack in his life and about how to gain eternal life, Jesus did not answer him directly. Instead, He started asking him about the commandments. It’s almost as if he was saying, “Wrong questions! Here, let me supply the ones you should be concerned about.”

Again with Nicodemus, Jesus interrupted Nicodemus’s introduction with a question that Nicodemus had clearly never even thought of before.

Sometimes we have to destroy the unbelievers’ bridges to nowhere, and start boring tunnels into their deepest problems.


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