From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

My Better Half

R.C. Sproul Jr is someone I’ve heard speak a few times, and only read occasionally. Like his famous dad, he’s thoroughly Reformed and articulate. Now I get to see the personal side of RC Jr. the hard way. And I’m even more impressed as he relates his spiritual journey leading up to, through, and after the recent death of his wife Denise.

I’ve often thought, and said, that when someone you love dies, a part of you dies with them. The “grieving process” then can be seen as Jesus’ way of bringing you back to life. But RC Jr has a different, and fuller, take on that. In his blog article “My Better Half” on the Ligonier Ministries website (click here) he says this:

We are not commanded to live as if we were one flesh. Instead we are told that such is the actual truth. The one-flesh reality means that I haven’t just lost the love of my life, but half of me. How could I recognize me, when I am now only half the man I once was? It isn’t quite accurate to say that when she drew her last breath a part of me died. Instead, half of me died.

The good news, however, is the same. Half of me has died, and is with Jesus. Half of me has no melancholy, but only joy. Half of me cries no more. Half of me sins no more. Half of me loves me, and the children, with a perfect love. Mourning, over the coming weeks and months, will move to dancing, as this half of me begins to more deeply believe the blessings I have in my better half.

I love Denise all the way to heaven and back. She in turn loves me all the way from heaven and back. And Jesus loves us both as the great bridge that not only brought us together, but keeps us together. May these gospel truths give me gentle sleep tonight.

For more from RC Sproul Jr’s blog, go here. And may it bless you.


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