From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Sonnet To Christ Crucified

Calvin College Chapel

At the Calvin Worship Symposium last week we experienced all kinds of wonderful worship. I’ll have more to say, and pix to post, about the Symposium later, but right now I want to share with you this piece of poetry that was sung at the Symposium. It’s entitled “Soneto a Cristo crucificado” (Sonnet To Christ Crucified) and was sung in Spanish. So the content of the words did not hit me until I read the English translation. The poem is anonymous but apparently was written in the 19th century.


I am not moved to love you, Lord,
by promises of Paradise;
nor does the hell that terrifies
move me to want to sin no more.
You are the one that moves me, Lord,
when to your cross I turn my eyes
to see your wounds, hear insults, lies;
I’m grieved to know you died, O Lord.
Your love moves me in such a way
that without heaven I’d love you still,
and without hell, I’d fear to stray.
I need no goads or giveaway;
for even if my hopes were nil,
I’d love you as I do today.

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