From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Learning Worship From Idolators – My Comment On The Superbowl

I didn’t mention the Superbowl once during worship last Sunday and that was intentional. I think it’s way overhyped and don’t want to contribute to the sense that it’s an Event  Which Must Be Referred To. In fact, while I’m not a football guy, I feel for true football fans because their game has been hijacked by commercial interests and the Need To Cash In. The Superbowl isn’t about football anymore. It’s about self-absorption, making a buck, etc.

Now that it’s over (I was kinda rooting for the Giants but didn’t have a horse in that race) I feel ok making my comments which are two.

  1. The half time self-orgy was impressive. Madonna prancing and “dancing” (partnerless of course – this is about ME not us), the “music”, the fireworks – the only thing it lacked was a giant (pun intended) phallic symbol to make it a complete symbol of sexual self-absorption. When it was over, during the afterglow so to speak, while Madonna was taking a smoke, the field glowed with the words “World Peace”. I have NO idea what the connection was, but it made me laugh out loud. I think our nation’s self-absorption (with sex, materialism, nationalism, etc. etc. etc.) is a big reason there isn’t world peace. Yeah, like those prancers and dancers were really thinking of Chinese and Bengali kids without enough clothes.
  2. Enough snarkiness. The other thing that struck me about the UberBuhl was its display of worship. And I’m serious this. Every human being is built to worship, so Christians can observe something about worship in watching idolators do their thing. And to tell the truth, I think the idolators put the Christians to shame most of the time. For example, sports fans are very open about their allegiance – they wear team colors, wave team flags, etc. How many people even know that you’re a Christian? Sports fans dress their little kids in team uniforms, teach them team songs. Are Christians as zealous to indoctrinate their children? Sports fans will readily talk about their team, and with enthusiasm. How many Christians blanch or get quiet when it comes to talking about the faith? Think about it – who’s doing a better job of worship – not just in the sanctuary but in their lives?

That last thought isn’t original – it comes from the “Armchair Theology” blog’s recent post titled Learning Worship From Idolators. You can read it yourself here – I think it’s worth your while.


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