From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Announcement Time

Here’s an interesting blog post by Mitch Todd upholding the role of “announcement time” in worship. Before fairly recently, I was the kind of guy he describes:

But I know so many church leaders who treat announcement time as a waste of time, a necessary evil.

They’ll call attention to a few blurbs in the bulletin or cringe their way through “live” announcements from various church members. Then they’ll sigh with relief when the actual worshipping God part can begin.

I get where they’re coming from. When information is already available in the bulletin, why waste time repeating it again, right? And while some people may offer a helpful or necessary “live” announcement, others may speak awkwardly or off topic, threatening to derail a service before it’s begun.

Todd goes on to explain how “announcement time” can be an integral part of worship, not an interruption, and why. He makes many good points and I commend his thoughts for your consideration. As for my current thinking, it’s changed since our worship order moved the sermon more toward the beginning of the service, with announcements following the sermon hymn. Previously this seemed like an interruption; now it seems like the cigarette after lovemaking. When I’ve preached a sermon, I’m feeling the afterglow. Mostly it feels good, after being in an intense time, to be in a relaxed time. It’s as though after being on the mountain, I can look at my people with more appreciation. And I do.


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