From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Blogs I Follow

You’re probably already aware I read, and listen to, a lot of John Piper. I’ve found his Desiring God Website invaluable for articles, sermon resources, etc. Of particular interest to the average layman is a section called “ask Pastor John”, which includes videos of John answering questions sent in by listeners. The questions are not softballs, and it’s fascinating to watch him think on his feet.

But there are other blogs I more-or-less regularly follow that I’d recommend – you do have time to follow more blogs now don’t you??

  • one that I’ve mentioned several times is Tim Challies’ blog (click here). You’ll find not only articles, deals on books and book reviews but also “Free Stuff Fridays” which I almost always forget to look at until Saturday;
  • “Moore To The Point” is Russell Moore’s blog (click here). What fascinates me about this is his reviews and discussion of popular music. He has Southern Baptist views (he’s on staff at Southern Baptist Seminary) but he’s remarkably open to listening to what cultural longings are being expressed in popular music;
  • Reformation21 blog (here) compiles essays and thoughts of several Reformed thinkers. I’ve enjoyed the pungent thoughts of Carl Trueman;
  • On a slightly different note, there’s Steve Brown’s blog and website (here). Steve has a radio voice, and he plays it to the hilt on his radio programs. A definite Reformed theological view, but with far more humor and lightheartedness than I’ve heard from any other Reformed speaker. Instead of “Free Stuff Friday” kinds of deals, Steve offers “3 Free Sins” as a reward to listeners;
  • White Horse Inn (here) offers blog, website, radio broadcasts, etc. What’s different here is that the core group are Reformed, Lutheran and Baptist theologians who are on the front line of the New Reformation.

There’s more, of course. But that ought to get you started.


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