From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Free And Cheap Piper Stuff

For you who follow John Piper – and for you who are suffering and wondering what God has to do with it – you should know that the Desiring God website will be ceasing the sale of books soon. They’ve decided to let Amazon handle inventory. DG books will be available, but thru Amazon rather than DG. This from the DG website explains:

So the “store,” as such, is going away. Instead, we will have improved “product pages” — an online catalog of sorts — on each book and other products where you will have several of options: read descriptions, watch video introductions, download free PDFs, and click to order the product from Amazon, or other partnering retailers. In other words, you lose no accessibility, you gain information and possibilities, and we off-load the inventory, so to speak, so the ship sails faster and farther. We’ll keep on doing the amazing bulk offers from time to time, but even those will be for suggested donations. We are leaving the selling business.

All their products are on sale right now for $5 or less. So if there are Piper books you’ve wanted to read, or booklets you’ve wanted to hand out, or heck if you’ve never read Piper before, this is a great time to buy a couple of books. They’re going fast, though, so I wouldn’t wait much longer.

DG’s store can be accessed here.

In addition, there are plenty of FREE PDF’s of online books, available for those who have e-readers. You can check these out here.


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