From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Liz Lannert Memorial Display Case

That's not a halo - the case is lighted!

We have a new display case at St. Paul’s, given in memory of Liz Lannert who died last July. Liz was very interested in our church’s history, and enjoyed working on and contributing to our 150th anniversary celebration. Her three daughters (Lisa McDonald, Judy Eckert, Mary Beth Foerstel) thought a display case for historical items would be a fitting memorial to Liz, so here it is! We’ll be dedicating it on April 22. Throughout the year we’ll be displaying a variety of historical and other interesting items in this lighted case. I hope it will bring Liz to mind, help us be grateful for our heritage, and remind us that this life passes quickly.

Our thanks to Shirley Baumgarte for the selection of the cabinet, and to Jim Tadlock and the church Mice for its installation.


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