From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Strike Two You’re Out

Blogs around the internet can be a waste of time, I know. But occasionally you run across one that puts everything into a different perspective. ParadoxUganda is a blog written by two doctors who live and work in Uganda. They work, they laugh, they write, the live their lives so different from mine. Why paradox, you may ask? It took me a while:

paradox: 1. something that combines contradictory features or qualities. Life in Bundibugyo is full of contradictions – the beauty and pain; the abundance and the poverty; the joy and the sorrow. Our lives, too…dying that we might live; strong in our weakness; sinners yet saints. 2. a “pair of docs”

Go ahead and read this blog post of theirs – see if it has the same effect on you that it did on me. I woke up this morning thinking, ok, gotta get back in the groove: bible study, meetings, sermon prep. Then I read paradoxuganda and thought “these are real people living right now, and their lives are so radically different from mine.”

It is stunning to me, this realization that the life I’m living is so unusual, so rare compared to the lives lived by most people in the world. It really does make me wonder about the reality of my faith sometimes.


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