From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

What To Read

Ever since I was a kid growing up in South County St. Louis, I enjoyed visiting the County Library and reading books. Now that I’m (much) older I still enjoy books, both to escape (murder mysteries), to grow (theology), and to get my mind right (Bible). Sometimes people will ask me what books I’d recommend, and I find it a little hard to say, other than the particular book I’m reading at the time….anything by John Piper, anything by R.C. Sproul, etc. But for someone growing in the faith, my recommendation may or may not be what they need at the time.

So I’ve found Monergism”s “Readers Guide” to be a very helpful tool. Here are book recommendations (from a Reformed perspective) for the beginner as well as the advanced reader – classics, reference works, contemporary books, study Bibles, it’s all here.

You can click here to see the Guide – you can also download and print a hard copy to keep for reference. At the web site, clicking on the book titles will take you to the Monergism bookstore where you can buy the book. Though to tell the truth, you can sometimes find books a bit cheaper at Amazon, Westminster Seminary bookstore, etc.

“Tolle lege” the girl sang to St. Augustine, and it changed his life. “Take and read”.


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