From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Porky Pastor Is Underway!

A couple of weeks ago I recalled a way we raised funds years ago in my first church in New York. I don’t remember what we called it then, but today it’s the Porky Pastor Project – love that alliteration! I need to lose weight, so invited anyone who wanted to to join me in intentionally losing weight over an 8-week period. To my surprise, 52 other people joined up – I’d been hoping for 30!

So here’s the deal. All together we weigh a little over 9,600 pounds. Over the following 8 weeks my goal is for us to lose about 500 pounds – could be more or less. The fund-raising part comes in having people pledge to pay up a certain amount per pound. If we lose 500 pounds, a dime pledge would mean a $50 contribution. You do the math for other pledges. My goal is for us to reach $10 a pound, which would raise $5,000.

The beneficiary of all this is Kindercottage in East St. Louis – a child care facility that’s running on a shoe string, thanks to the great state of Illinois’s budgetary cutbacks and political game-playing. We’ve become personally involved with Kindercottage over the years so this is not just one more institution that wants our money. For more info on Kindercottage, check out there website here, especially the video clip at the bottom of the front page.

I’m not going on any special diete at least so far. I am cutting out grazing and snacking – just 3 squares a day; plus I’m getting up and walking a mile every morning. I’m hoping that will be enough for me to lose a pound or a pound and a half each week. For me personally, one of the beauties of this idea is that it motivates me thinking about Kindercottage. Getting up at 6 am and dragging my sorry derriere around the block just isn’t going to happen for very long – but I think “this is for those little kids” and that gets and keeps me going.

So it’s about more than weight loss, though that’s a good thing. It’s about 53 people making personal sacrifices and changes in personal habits, in order to benefit folks Jesus would honor.

To make your pledge, just call the church office (618.539.3262). Weigh-out day is Sunday November 18.


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