From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Choke Me Up

My friend Andy forwarded this pic, along with a few other tear-jerkers, in an email entitled “Pictures that need no words.” But being a preacher (and paid by the word!) I have to add a few words here.

This picture does not seem specifically Christian does it? Santa, the military….but wait. It’s a picture of a human being, a child, who’s going to receive a surprise and delight far beyond his expectations – a surprise of love and delight that will make the toys from Santa seem like so much junk.

We all, brothers and sisters, are waiting on one side of the screen. We’re trying to be cool with our anticipation and hunger, hopeful for the kinds of things that Santa brings. But on the other side of the screen is joy and delight beyond our imagining. It’s our brother Jesus, back from the war which He fought for us – and won. When the screen is finally lifted He will take us in arms and carry us home. Any moment now, any moment….

Joy to the world, my friend, joy to the world!


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