From The Pastor At St. Paul's UCC, Freeburg, IL

Porky Pastor Project Wraps Up

The numbers are in! 44 of us joined together to lose weight over the past 8 weeks, using any means or methods we chose (actually we started with 54 but some folks dropped out or just didn’t weigh-out). Now we’ve weighed out and we lost…..drumroll….weight for it (ha)…246.8 pounds! 11 of them were mine! So we’ve equivalently lost a person I guess. I don’t know who the “biggest loser” was, but they lost nearly 30 pounds. Wow!

So now our pledgers need to do their part. If you pledged, or if you just want to make a donation, send your contribution marked “Porky Pastor”. I’d very much like to present this gift to KinderCottage before Christmas as they can surely use it.

BTW if you’re not familiar with KinderCottage, or if you are but would like to get updated, check out their website here.


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